Library Book Check-Out Policy

Library Book Check-out Policy

Kindergarten and 1st grade may check out 1 book per library visit.  Students in 2nd - 12th grades may check out two books for a period of three weeks.  Books must be returned to the library to renew checkout.

Students in 7th - 12th grades may check magazines out of the library.  Elementary students will be allowed to read magazines during their library time, but they may not check them out.

Overdues and Fines
Overdue slips and fine notices will be printed out and distributed to students at school. To help students learn to be responsible, no new loans will be permitted until overdue materials are returned.  Students in 7th - 12th grades will incur a $0.05 fine for each school day the book is overdue.  The maximum fine for an overdue book is $2.00.

Lost and Damaged Books
We all know that accidents happen!  Especially to new books!  Most children are responsible and if a book becomes accidentally damaged, we stress the responsibility to report and, if necessary, to replace a book which gets damaged while in a student's care.

If a book becomes damaged, please return the book to the library with a note.  If the library determines that the book is damaged beyond repair, a note will be sent home for the replacement cost.

Students with an overdue book or books may not check out additional books until the overdue items are returned.  Students will be responsible for paying the replacement cost for lost books. 

Payment for a lost book is reimbursed should the book be found and returned in good condition.  Debts remaining at the end of the school year may be turned in to the office.  Any items checked out at the time a student withdraws from school must be returned or paid for upon withdrawal.