Mrs. Fenner

Mrs. Fenner

Sweet Springs
Ag. Instructor
& FFA Advisor

Number of Years Teaching: 21
Years at Sweet Springs: 15


BSEd. Agriculture Education
Northwest Missouri State University

 High School Graduation
East Buchanan - Gower, MO

 Honors & Awards

 State FFA Degree - 1999
American FFA Degree - 2000
Honorary State FFA Degree - 2012
Honorary American FFA Degree - 2015
MVATA Distinguished Service Award - 2022

   Agriculture encompasses the food, fiber, conservation and natural resource systems, employing over 20% of the nation’s workforce.

Clear FFA Emblem


    1st Hour - Landscaping
     2nd Hour - Ag.Communications
     3rd Hour - Ag Science 1
     4th Hour - Ag Science 1
5th Hour -PRIDE Time
       6th Hour - JH 7th Grade Exploring Ag
     7th Hour - Animal Science
     8th Hour -Prep

Expectations for ALL Students

 I expect ALL students to be in the classroom and ready to go, on time. I expect them to be ready to learn about what it is that I have for them to learn about, not the latest gossip from their friends. I expect each student to treat each other as well as themselves with RESPECT, DIGNITY and INTEGRITY. I expect students to be responsible for their own actions. For example: If a student does not get their notes completed because they were too busy talking or working on something else, they are expected to get notes from someone else without disrupting anyone else. I expect that student to also learn from their mistake and take notes when they are supposed to be doing just that.

 If the student cannot get their notes done because I am moving through them quickly, I expect them to make time after notes are over to ask myself or another student for the notes that they missed - OR - they will be posted on Google Classroom. This is the student being responsible. I DO NOT give extra credit unless under special circumstances as determined by me. I expect students to put forth their best efforts at all times. If they are unable to do so for any reason, I expect them to let me know this prior to class starting so that I may be able to help them reach these expectations.

 There are numerous other expectations that are expected of my students; however most of them, along with these are common sense. If a student has any questions or concerns about my expectations, they are always able to talk with me about them. As a High School teacher, I hold my students to a higher level of accountability because I feel that there is not any better way to teach them the way of higher education (i.e. College and the real working world) than to hold them RESPONSIBLE and ACCOUNTABLE for their actions in regards to these standards.