Parents as Teachers

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School Readiness Parents as Teachers: Ready for School, Ready for Life!

If you would like Parent’s As Teachers services, birth to kindergarten age children, contact Christie Hedgpeth at (660) 335-6348.  Our program consists of personal visits, developmental screenings, group connections, and sharing a network of local resources to support your child's education and development. 

Children’s development from the earliest years lays the foundation for what follows. In the U.S., six out of ten kids show up to kindergarten unprepared to learn.1 As their child’s first and most important teacher, parents play a crucial role in supporting school readiness. Communities need a proven intervention that better supports parents in promoting their child’s health, early development, and learning. Parents as Teachers helps prepare children for kindergarten and beyond: Children score higher on measures of achievement, language ability, social development and other cognitive abilities.

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