Student Game Check Out
Title students are able to check out educational games on a rotating schedule from our classroom. If your student is not in Title, and you would like to check out a game, please contact us. If your child checks out a game, please help to remind them to bring the game back on Monday and help us to keep our games in good condition for others to use at a later date.  Have fun playing while improving reading skills!

Tentative Game Check Out Schedule:

November 11- 2nd & 6th

November 18- 3rd 

December 1- 5th 

December 16- 4th & 1st

January 6- 2nd & 6th

January 20- 3rd & K

January 26- 5th 

February 3- 4th & 1st

February 10- 2nd & 6th

February 24- 3rd & K

March 2- 5th 

March 10- 4th & 1st

March 17- 2nd & 6th

March 31- 3rd & K

April 6- 5th 

April 21- 4th & 1st

April 28- 2nd & 6th

May 5- 3rd & K