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Our Reading Program incorporates phonics, spelling, writing skills, handwriting, grammar, and reading. Our spelling words are words we are working on in reading. The spelling test will be on the last day of the week.

Math Math

Envisions 2.0 is problem based learning program which focuses on development of concepts.  Which means we learn best when we connect our learning to prior knowledge. We have a daily "meeting" where we learn about the calendar, telling time, counting money, and reviewing skills. Then we practice our facts (addition, subtraction and eventually multiplication) using an online program called Xtra Math. Then we have a lesson and an activity to practice the new skill. Homework will be sent home to help reinforce the new skill learned..  Please be sure to check over your child's Math work each evening and let me know what problems they seem to be having trouble with.

 Social Studies

Mrs. Crank will be teaching Social Studies to both classes.


I teach science to both classes.  Majority of science will come from this textbook as well as supplemental materials to be sure I am coving the Missouri State Learning Standards.  Units may not be taught in order or not at all if it is not covered in the state standards

Unit 1:  Studying Science
Unit 2:  The Engineering Process
Unit 3:  Plants and Animals
Unit 4:  Energy and Ecosystems
Unit 5:  Weather - Not covered in State Standards
Unit 6:  Earth and Space - Not covered in State Standards
Unit 7:  Properties of Matter
Unit 8:  Changes in Matter
Unit 9:  Energy
Unit 10: Electricity
Unit 11: Motion

Supplemental Units:
Rocks & Minerals
Weathering & Erosion
Simple Machines
Wave Properties