Important Information

10 Things You Need to Know
About 4th Grade

-Grades will be updated once a week by Monday.

-Graded work will be sent home on Fridays along with an individualized weekly newsletter. 

-If a student earns less than 60% on an assignment (not involving only 2 choices ex: true/false), it will be handed back to be corrected by the student during recess. It will be sent home to be signed by a parent and returned the next day. If it is corrected and signed, half credit will be given for the corrections.

-Tests cannot be retaken unless the teacher sees that the majority of the class did poorly and allows everyone the option to retake the test. 

-Study guides will be given to students several days in advance of a social studies or science test. Prior to the test students will have the opportunity to get the correct answers if they have completed the study guide by its due date. 

-Students will have homework on a daily basis, however they are given time to work during each subject and during study hall time, so some will complete it before the end of the day. 

-If a student does not turn in homework that is completed and on time, the assignment will be considered late, and a homework note with the consequences listed will be sent home to be signed and returned. If the homework in question is not turned in by Friday in the same week, the student will receive a zero. 

-If an assignment is deemed an in class assignment the teacher will give an appropriate amount of time to complete it. If the assignment is not complete the grade will be based on what is finished. 

-Spelling lists will be handed out on Mondays of the first day of the week. Spelling tests will be given on Fridays or the last day of the week. 

-Graded tests will be handed back to the students as soon as possible. If the test was taken on the computer, the results will be available on the website where it was taken.