Discipline Plan

3rd Grade Discipline Plan


For each disciplinary action a student/teacher conference will take place.


Disciplinary Action

  1. Name on board: 5 minutes of recess

  2. Name on board and 1 Check-Mark: 10 minutes of recess and complete think sheet

  3. Name on board and 2 Check-Marks: Lose 15 minutes of recess, complete parent signed think sheet, sit in safe seat and/or go to buddy room

  4. Name on board and 3 Check-Marks: Lose recess, triage meeting with counselor and/or Principal

  5. Name on board and 4 Check-Marks: Lose recess and go to principal’s office


If sent to Principal's Office – Automatically lose 2 Great Escape tickets

* Some behaviors may result in going directly to the principal’s office.

* Loss of additional Great Escape tickets at teacher's discretion.

* If a student is sent to ISS/OSS ALL Great Escape tickets are lost.

Loss of additional Great Escape tickets
• Homework not complete
• Assignment book not signed
• Tests and other assignments requiring a signature not signed
• Behavior issues
• ISS or OSS will result in automatic loss of Great Escape