Our Studies

Our Studies -
This page will show you what we study in class.

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Grading Scale 

 100%-95%   S+
94%-80%   S
 79%-70%    S-
 69%-0%    U


Our Reading Program incorporates phonics, spelling, writing skills, handwriting, grammar, and reading. We do whole class instruction and small guided reading groups. Our spelling words are words we are working on in phonics and reading.  The spelling test will be each Friday. 


The students will have math homework almost everyday.  I will try not to send homework on Fridays.  Envisions 2.0 is problem based learning program which focuses on development of concepts.  Which means we learn best when we connect our learning to prior knowledge. We have a daily "meeting" where we learn about the calendar, telling time, counting money, and reviewing skills. Then we practice our facts (addition, subtraction and eventually multiplication). Then we have a lesson and an activity to practice the new skill. Homework will be sent home to help reinforce the new skill learned. Please be sure to check over your child's Math work each evening and let me know what problems they seem to be having trouble with.

We switch Science and Social Studies. We do a Unit of one, then switch and do a unit of the other.

Social Studies
Unit 1      We Live Together
Unit 2      Exploring Earth
Unit 3      Long Ago and Today
Unit 4      Needs and Wants               
Unit 5      How Government Works



Unit 1:  Work Like a Scientist
Unit 2:  Technology and Our World
Unit 3:  All About Animals
Unit 4:  All About Plants
Unit 5:  Environments for Living Things
Unit 6:  Earth and Its Resources
Unit 7:  All About Weather
Unit 8:  The Solar System
Unit 9:  Changes in Matter
Unit 10:  Energy and Magnets