Supply List
1-backpack (must  be large enough to fit folder)
4-plastic folders with pockets and prongs (label with name on inside)
8-Elmer's glue sticks
1-box crayons (24 or 32 count)
1-box of 10 Crayola Washable markers
1-box of colored pencils
1-box of tissues
1-complete change of clothes to stay at school (put in a large Ziploc bag labeled  with child's name)
1-vinyl covered rest mat (labeled with name)
1-crib sheet
1-small blanket 
1-child sized white T-shirt
2-pkgs. of colored tissue paper
1-pkg. white paper plates (dinner size)
Girls: 1-baby wipes
Boys: 1-pkg. disinfecting wipes

At preschool, our supplies are considered "community" supplies.  You do not have to individually label your child's supplies unless noted above.  We will be labeling the outside of folders and notebooks.  Folders will serve as a daily form of communication between the teacher(s) and parent(s).