Sight Word Karate

Sight Word Karate
To earn a Karate belt you must be able to read all of the words for that color belt as well as all words for previous belts earned.

 White Belt I, like, the, and, see, we, a, to, come, me 
 Yellow Belt with, my, you, what, are, now, is, how, of, so
 Orange Belt many, where, this, find, from, came, but, on, will, be
 Green Belt into, that, your, who, go, for, here, they, soon, up
 Blue Belt make, play, them, give, say, new, said, good, was, then
 Purple Belt ate, could, she, all, over, her, when, some, he, no
 Brown Belt away, must, by, there, down, do, went, only, little, just
 Red Belt have, help, one, every, ask, walk, look, out, very, their
Black Belt  saw, put, off, take, our, day, too, show