2018 Summer School

Sweet Springs R-VII

Summer School



Students:  The Elementary Program will be open to students who will be in K-9 next year.  NOTE: students who will be in kindergarten next year are eligible to attend as kindergarteners.  It is open as a full day program (just like kindergarten) and they are eligible to ride the bus. Kindergarten Summer School students will need a red and blue mat for nap (can be used again once school starts in the fall). 


Buses:  Buses will transport route students as they do in the regular school year.


Dates:  May 29th-June 29th           Times:  7:45-3:15


Food:  FREE breakfast and lunch for all students


Students will receive an attendance award similar to the past few years. A Visa gift card will be given.  This card can be used any place that accepts Visa credit cards.

        Less than 1 hour absent - $100

        1 hour to 7 hours absent - $75

        over 7 hours to 14 hours absent - $50



Please fill out this registration form:  If you would like for your student(s) to attend, please fill out completely.  If you do not want your student to attend, please fill out their name, mark “no”, and sign.



Summer School Behavior Policy- (policy has changed)

As always, Sweet Springs R-VII school rules will apply at all times during Summer School.  Students are expected to conduct themselves in a non-disruptive manner. If a student engages in behavior that results in an office referral, the students’ gift card amount will decrease by $25.00 for each office visit throughout summer school.  Our goal is for all students to be able to take advantage of our summer school program and be successful.