FACS Course Description (9-12): This course will help students learn skills throughout their lives and careers. Students are challenged to learn about themselves and develop critical necessary problem-solving and decision-making skills to achieve their personal goals. The overall goal in this course is to help prepare students to become caring and responsible members in their families and informed citizens of their local communities and beyond.

Foods Course Description (9-12): This is an introductory course in the basic nutrition that will cover the following topics: safety and sanitation in the kitchen, kitchen management, basic food purchasing, microwave cooking, grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy, preparation and storage skills, and malnutrition will also be covered. This course involves a variety of classroom techniques as well as laboratory experiences. Students will spend a large portion of class working in teams to complete hands-on, concrete tasks in a limited amount of time. Groups are randomized and changed throughout the year.

Health Course Description (9-12): This course will provide students with scientifically accurate, age-appropriate health content with extensive instruction, practice and application of the skills necessary to achieve optimal health and wellness. We will be exploring information about adequate nutrition, regular physical activity, mental and emotional support, and building skills for a lifetime of health and wellness.

Family Living Course Description (9-12): Students will focus on analyzing the significance of family, nurturing human development in the family throughout the lifespan, analyzing factors that build and maintain healthy relationships, developing communication patterns that enhance family relationships, dealing affectively with family stressors and conflicts, managing work and family roles and responsibilities, and analyzing social forces that influence families across the lifespan.

Child Development Course Description (9-12): This course is based on several assumptions: learning about child development increases self-understanding; parenting and childcare skills depend on the knowledge of child growth and development coupled with appropriate attitudes and skills; much of the same knowledge and many of the same attitudes and skills needed by both parents and childcare workers. This course is designed to bring child development and parenting concepts alive for students. We will be focusing on development from conception to age six. Development not only includes physical maturation, but also an understanding of how emotional, social, and intellectual development is fostered and hindered.

JH FACS (7th Grade) / Life Skills (8th Grade) Course Descriptions:  Students in these courses will gain a broad understanding of several areas in FACS, such as: consumerism, personal development, food preparation and more.