Mrs. Brandt

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Brandt

Welcome to my school webpage. On this site, parents and students should be able to find all pertinent information regarding the classes I teach at Sweet Springs R-VII. 


Blue Day
1st Hour 8:05-9:40: Plan Period
2nd Hour 9:44-11:14:  Government
3rd Hour 11:18-1:21:  American History: Reconstruction to WWII
4th Hour 1:25-3:05:  Modern American History: (WWII to present)

Gold Day
5th Hour 8:05-9:40: Economics
6th Hour 9:44-11:14:  Plan Period
7th Hour 11:18-1:21:  American Government
8th Hour 1:25-3:05:  Publications

*You may reach me during my plan period by calling the high school office at 660-335-6341 or emailing me at